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Despite the fact that our business is built on grey skies and rain, we feel that the future is bright for the Knirps business. A renewed focus on design and new products means that we are confident our business can look forward to many more years of excellence and growth.
Quality, innovation and hard work remain at the heart of the company, and our product solutions will always be safe to make and safe to use. And while we appreciate that our customers are 'king', we know that without the good cooperation of our employees, we are nothing.

Our aim is to establish Knirps as the most innovative provider of protective gear against the elements in the world. Right now our heritage is umbrellas, but we're looking to build on our expertise in the field of manufacturing and materials, and so are developing new areas of business including clothes, hats and other protective equipment.

Every employee, licensee and shareholder is personally responsible and committed to the vision. As a company, we believe in quality and design and deliver value and innovation for the customer. We're constantly on the look out for new and innovative solutions to old problems, and the end result is that Knirps products are both technically advanced and beautifully made.

Knirps is all about excitement and pride. We in the company feel it, and so we hope our customers do too.