What is your smallest umbrella?

The Knirps X1, with a folded size of 16,5 cm/6.5 in.


What is your lightest umbrella?

The Knirps FiberY1 is a special flat umbrella and weighs only 195 g/6.9 oz.


What is your strongest umbrella?

Our goal is to make all our umbrellas strong. We test them all during the development phase in special wind tunnels at
external institutes. Also, testing laboratories have proven our umbrellas to be of above average
strength when subjected to high winds.


What does "wind tunnel tested" mean?

All Knirps umbrellas are highly engineered to minimize the risk of damage in winds. We achieve this by designing our umbrella frames with additional flexibility and this in turn reduces the stress on the ribs.


What does “flip resistant” mean?

Most of our umbrellas are designed to withstand inversion (when the umbrella flips inside out), and they can easily be returned to
their normal shape by closing it in the usual way. This acts as a safety valve and prevents the ribs from breaking.


My umbrella was damaged in a strong gust of wind, is it covered under your guarantee?

Whilst we make every effort to design the most reliable umbrellas with the strongest high quality materials, we cannot
cover damage due to wear and tear, or high winds.


Do you repair umbrellas?

Yes we do. Please contact us - either directly or via your country representative, as we are able to offer repair services
within many of our specific partner countries.


How should I care for my umbrella?

It is best to leave the umbrella open to dry. If you need to clean the fabric, you should use a soft cloth moistened with plain
water as detergents may remove the waterproof coating.


I am a retailer and am interested in stocking Knirps products, who should I contact?

For trade enquiries please email our Customer Services Center at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots gesch├╝tzt! JavaScript muss aktiviert werden, damit sie angezeigt werden kann.


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