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Big Duomatic
  • Big Duomatic

    This telescopic umbrella
    has the largest canopy of
    the entire Knirps range, but
    is remarkably stable. With
    fiberglass and steel
    construction for extra
    strength plus a safety shaft
    to prevent shaft extension,
    this is a choice you can rely
    on. Auto Open-Close makes
    operation simple and storage
    is a breeze with the smart
    zipper case.
  • INFO

    Big Duomatic

    knirps Diameter open:
    115 cm / 45.30 inches
    knirps Length:
    35 cm / 13.8 inches
    knirps Weight:
    620 gr / 21.9 ounces
  • Features

    Big Duomatic

    Comfort System

    Knirps pocket umbrella
       with the largest canopy

    Zipper case

    8 ribs

    Sure-grip runner for
       easier handling
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